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Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Philosophy in the Contemporary World is a fully refereed, indexed, and copyrighted journal published quarterly by the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World,. PCW is indexed in the Philosopher's Index. No member receives pay or remuneration of any kind from SPCW.

Subscriptions to PCW

Journal subscription, including membership in the Society: 

Regular  $40.00 
Limited income  $20.00 
Foreign  add $10 
Lifetime  $1000.00

Back issues $10.00 (vols 1-9)  $20.00 postage inclusive.

Requests for subscriptions and checks payable to:

Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World

Philosophy Documentation Center 

P. O. Box 7147 

Charlottesville, VA 22906-7147 

Tel. 800-444-2419 (toll free within the US and Canada) Tel. 434-220-3300 

Fax: 434-220-3301 

E-mail order@pdcnet.org 

Web: www.pdcnet.org 

Download a subsciption/membership form PDF format or RTF format

Editorial Policy

PCW welcomes the submission of philosophy articles from anywhere in the world. The articles should: 1) be clearly and concisely written; 2) treat their subjects in an original and substantive manner; and 3) address the ways philosophy might be applied to contemporary problems, or use the resources of philosophical thought to help define, analyze, clarify, or resolve contemporary problems. 

Review of Manuscripts

Manuscripts will be judged on their philosophical merit. After an initial review by the Editor, selected manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by two members of the Editorial Review Board or by others chosen by the Editor. In case of disagreement, a third review will be obtained. Efforts will be made to provide anonymous comments to authors. Revision and resubmission of promising manuscripts will be encouraged. Authority for accepting and rejecting manuscripts rests with the Editor. 

Special issues may be published from time to time. These issues will have an Associate Editor appointed by the Editor. Usually the topic will be publicized in advance and submissions openly encouraged, although some articles may be invited. 

Manuscript Requirements

Articles of 2500-3500 words are preferred, but articles of exceptional quality of any length will be considered. An abstract of the article should be included and will be published. All materials, including the abstract, block quotations, and notes, should be double-spaced. Notes should be used sparingly, number consecutively, and placed at the end of the article. Parenthetical references are encouraged. For guidelines, see earlier issues of the journal; Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers, latest edition. A brief style guide will be sent on request. It is the author's responsibility to make style revisions, and accepted manuscripts will not be published until style revisions have been made. Three hard copies should be submitted with a disk copy of the paper. E-mail submissions by file attachment are encouraged. The author's name and full mailing address should be included in the body of the e-mail. The author's name should not appear on the manuscript copies, which cannot be returned. Authors should enclose a postcard if they want immediate acknowledgement of receipt of their manuscripts. Unsolicited book reviews are not accepted. 

Articles accepted for publication should be resubmitted on computer disk with an accompanying hard copy. Submission in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect is preferred, although other word processing programs are often acceptable. 

Manuscripts, criticisms, suggestions, and related correspondence should be sent to the Editor: 

James B. Sauer
Department of Philosophy
St. Mary's University
One Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, TX 78228-8566

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